Our Team

Our team of exceptionally determined individuals works to put forth quality solutions and services to our growing customer community. 

 We are a dynamic group of people that are, honest, practical, and tenacious about working together as a team to offer solutions and solve the most complex problems. 

 At Admantium, team members are open to input and suggestions from their comrades and often collaborate in cross-functional teams to accomplish company goals. Find more about our ambitious team below. 


Founder & CEO

Sameer is a CFA Charter holder with over a decade of experience in investment banking and has a proven track record of successfully raising over $200 million for start-ups, building financial and valuation models, business plans as well as stock reports. He is a blockchain specialist and has been involved in the industry for 3.5 years.

Sameer is the founder and CEO of Pan Venture Consultants and has been running Admantium Crypto Advisors for the past 3.5 years and has worked on numerous whitepapers, research reports, business plans, pitch decks, financial models within the space. He is confident of adding value to every project he runs across and helps value the business, given his strong experience in blockchain.

CEO and CFO of global startups in the blockchain space including OMNI, Tangible, Fuzzy.one and Moneetize

Before Admantium, Sameer built a startup connecting offline jewelers to online customers, which he shortly sold to a like-minded entrepreneur who was trying to establish a similar concept.

Our Team

Parika Soni




Asmita David

Marketing Expert

Anulipi Debnath

Senior Visual Design Specialist

Sudhanshu Data

Financial Analyst

Vivek Kumar Sahani

Full Stack Developer