How the journey began?

Our founder stumbled across the Bitcoin and Ethereum whitepapers in late 2016 as he was working on one of his tech startup ventures. Even though he found the concepts fascinating, distracted by his venture, he shelved plans to dig deeper. He picked up from where he left off in April 2017, and the rest, as they say, was history…and Admantium was born.

We have spend the past few years in a variety of roles within the Blockchain space. From managing crypto asset portfolios to consulting a host of blockchain startups on their business models and fund raising exercises. We’ve come a long way.

What we’ve done so far?

Blockchain startup business
and financial consulting
Preparing financial documents
for fund raises for startups
Creating pitch decks, business
plans and tokenomics for
blockchain companies
Managing crypto asset
portfolios, running remote
mining operations

Case Studies*

* Includes work done on an independent level by our founder

Some of our past projects

Crypto Exchange

Built the business plan, financial model and pitch deck for a crypto exchange offering its’ token for trading. Ability to borrow against the tokens as well as subscribe to trading tools.

Mandate was to develop the business and revenue models, determine the cash burn, funding requirements, and translate the business, its target market, future projections and profitability into a pitch deck to be used for funding.

Crypto Lending Platform​

Business model, concept planning, revenue model and whitepaper for a crypto lending platform that would lend stablecoins against cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Built the financial model and forecast user growth and profitability.


Built the token economics for a blockchain based ecommerce platform. Developed the business model, determined the token structure and blockchain to be used. Created the process flow of the tokens across the ecommerce platform. Designed the reward structure, token emissions, type of consensus protocol to be used and forecasted token price growth.

Crypto Mining

Developed the business plan and financial model for a crypto mining farm. Evaluated locations, cohosting providers, electricity costs, rentals, mining hardware like ASICs, FPGAs, GPUs etc. Run a crypto mining portfolio comprising of FPGAs to mine cryptocurrencies. Decisions included coins to mine, hold vs sell, hashrate allocation.

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