What we offer?

Geared to cover the setting up and growth of your business.

Business Planning

It all begins with an idea. It may be a new venture, or a new division. It might even be a change to a new blockchain platform, or the launch of a token. No matter what, we help convert that idea into something concrete. We work hand in glove with our clients to extract the best business model.

Based on the business model and idea, we build relevant business plans and whitepapers elaborating the concept in clear, lucid terms. Bringing life to the idea, we add depth to the business, evaluate its revenue model, digging into the market dynamics and listing out its target market and real world use.

A key component of the business planning exercise is the tokonomics of the blockchain concept. We work closely with the client and the technical team to draw out the token economics-the blockchain used, it’s flow within the system, the consensus algorithm used, token emissions and rewards. We carefully classify the token into segments such as security tokens, utility tokens & currencies

Capital Raises

We help raise external funding to kickstart or grow your business. Whether it’s angel investors, venture capital or private equity, we have you covered. We prepare the documents required for the fund raising campaigns and help you reach out to the right investors

Financial Models

Developing financial projections is a key step before launching your business, or even engaging with investors. It determines how much capital is required for the endeavour, It also plans out the cash burn expected and lays out the growth path of the venture over time.

Pitch Decks

You need a clear, lucid document to pitch your business to investors. The right document can make the difference between a successful raise and failure. You get one shot at investors, one chance to convince them of the value your business brings to the market.

Security Token Offering

Blockchain gives the opportunity to raise using technology that is easier, cheaper, faster and global in its reach. What this means is the ability to tap global sources of finance using instruments that are liquid, tradable across the world and secure. Security Token Offerings are the latest development enabling companies access to markets like Singapore, United States and Europe.

STOs, as they are labelled, allow companies across sectors to raise equity and debt capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors using a variety of regulations. Instead of shares, tokens are issued, and offered by specialist broker/dealers and traded on exchanges.

Admantium’ acts a part of the company’s team, managing the process and coordinating with licensed broker/dealers and merchant bankers to run the STO.

Crypto Mining

Who doesn’t like to print money? Crypto mining is one of those rare instances where companies can build a steady cash flow of cryptocurrencies by investing in capital assets. With mining equipment located in efficient farms, institutional investors have the opportunity to bring diversified exposure to their portfolios. Businesses can be setup to run mining farms, with crypto mining becoming a source of returns over the long term.

ASIC miners, FPGAs or GPUs-which ones to choose? Where should the farm be setup to take advantage of low electricity costs and rents? Which coins to mine? What is the ROI? What is the break even period? Hosted crypto mining or running your own farm?

These a but some of the questions we seek to answer as we work with our clients on their business plans.