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Building Business Models and Developing Business Ideas

We translate thoughts and ideas into concrete business models. We take a 360-degree view of how to build a sustainable business using blockchain technologies, translating concepts into clear cut plans so that you can focus on building the next big crypto startup.

Raising Capital for Blockchain Businesses and crypto startups

We wear the investor’s hat so that we can help you to prepare for the intricate fundraise process. Developing all documents showcasing your company in the best possible light before reaching out to investors. We carry out business funding for crypto startups.

Security Token Offering (STO) Advisory

The future of finance.

Raise capital via blockchain based digital tokens. Decentralised and secure, these tokens can be offered to a global audience comprising of millions of crypto token users.

Crypto Mining

Setting up a crypto mining operation? Want to understand the returns on investment, where to set up, what hardware to use and which coins to mine? Our cryptocurrency financial advisors work with clients to custom build mining business plans and arrange capital.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Buy-side or sell-side support, we are consultants providing transaction advisory services in M&A.  From preparing decks and models to finding companies during the initial stages, our initial coin offering advisor services expand to include deal negotiations and due diligence facilitations.

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Business Models

Our STO advisors can formulate business models that blend your concept with real-life use cases. We use industry-standard models as frameworks. Defining the purpose of the blockchain, deciding which one to use, and the revenue model can all be neatly tied up into a cohesive business plan.

Pitch Decks

In the case of traditional means of financing like equity or convertibles, our initial coin offering advisors help build story-driven pitch decks used to showcase the company, it’s marketability, and earning potential. Each deck is custom built to create investor interest and buzz around the opportunity

Commercial Whitepapers

For token fund raises (STOs, IEOs, ICOs), a document similar to the business plan is created. The whitepaper explains the philosophy of the business, the blockchain concept, how it works, the tokenomics, team, amount to be raised, the technology etc. .

Financial Models

Building revenue and costs while projecting future cash flows, financial models help determine how the business will grow over the years. As a top cryptocurrency financial advisor, we also understand that it is important for determining investments required to set up and run the business and the cash runway to plan for.


Determining how the token functions within the ecosystem. Classification as a utility token, security, or currency. Planning out the blockchain used, token emissions, Mining vs token launches, Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake etc

Investor Roadshows

We function as an extension of your team to reach out to the right investors from angles to venture capital funds and showcase the business. Our consultants will help build investor lists, coordinate investor outreach, negotiate on contracts and facilitate due diligence.

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